Understanding The Wiring Diagram For Gibson Sg

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Wiring Harness for Gibson SG Starr Guitar Systems

Gibson SG electric guitars are a popular choice for musicians across genres. One of the reasons for this is the ease of modifying and customizing the instrument, which often requires understanding the wiring diagram. In this article, we explain how to read and understand this diagram and how it can help you customize your Gibson SG.

What is a Wiring Diagram?

A wiring diagram is a visual representation of the electrical connections of your Gibson SG. It shows the different components and how they are wired together. It can help you identify which wires are connected to which parts and can be used to troubleshoot any electrical issues.

Reading the Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram for Gibson SGs is usually printed on the back of the pickguard. It is typically a black and white diagram with symbols and lines indicating components and connections. The diagram can be divided into four sections. The first section is the power section, which includes the main power switch, output jack, and selector switch. The second section is the pickups section, which includes the pickups, selector switch, and tone and volume controls. The third section is the ground section, which includes the ground wire and the shielding. The fourth section is the control section, which includes the pickup selector and tone and volume controls.

Interpreting the Wiring Diagram

Once you’ve identified the different sections of the wiring diagram, you can interpret what each symbol and line means. The lines indicate the different wires and the symbols indicate the different components. For example, a circle with an x inside it indicates a connection between two wires, while an arrow indicates a connection to a component. You can also identify the color of the wire by following the line to the corresponding component on the diagram.

Using the Wiring Diagram for Customization

The wiring diagram for Gibson SGs can be a useful tool for customizing your instrument. With the diagram, you can identify the different components and how they are wired together. This can help you troubleshoot any electrical issues and also can help you make modifications or upgrades to your guitar. For example, you can use the diagram to add a new pickup or switch, or to change the wiring of an existing component.


Understanding the wiring diagram for Gibson SGs is essential for customizing and troubleshooting the instrument. With the diagram, you can identify the different components, how they are wired together, and the color of the wires. You can use this information to make modifications and upgrades to your guitar, as well as troubleshoot any electrical issues.