Troy-Bilt Pony Ignition Switch Wiring Diagrams

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Troy Bilt Pony Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram alternator

Troy-Bilt Pony lawn mowers are designed to provide efficient and dependable service. However, over time, the wiring of the ignition switch can become worn and corroded, leading to problems with the ignition switch. To identify and resolve these problems, you’ll need a wiring diagram of the Troy-Bilt Pony ignition switch.

Understanding the Basics of the Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is the main control for the electrical system of the Troy-Bilt Pony. It is responsible for turning the system on and off, as well as providing power to various components. The ignition switch is typically located near the bottom of the gas tank on the left side of the mower. It contains three terminals: the battery terminal, the ignition terminal, and the ground terminal.

Diagram of the Wiring

The wiring diagram for the Troy-Bilt Pony ignition switch is a simple representation of the electrical connections between the components. It displays the components and their connections in a simple schematic format. The diagram will show the location of the wires, the colors of the wires, and the connections between the components. It will also show the voltage requirements for each connection.

Using the Diagram

Using the wiring diagram, you can troubleshoot and identify any problems with the ignition switch. You can also make any necessary repairs or modifications to the wiring. To use the diagram, first identify the components in the diagram and then determine the connections between them. Once you have identified the connections, you can then use the diagram to identify the sources of any electrical problems.


Troy-Bilt Pony lawn mowers require a wiring diagram to identify and troubleshoot any problems with the ignition switch. The wiring diagram will show the components, their connections, and the voltage requirements. With the help of the diagram, you can identify any problems with the wiring and make any necessary repairs or modifications.