Understanding Fender Mustang Wiring Diagrams

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Fender Mustang guitars are among the most iconic instruments of all time. With their distinctive looks and sound, they have been a favorite of musicians for decades. If you’re looking to customize your Mustang, understanding the wiring diagram is essential. Read on to learn more about interpreting Fender Mustang wiring diagrams.

What is the Fender Mustang Wiring Diagram?

The Fender Mustang wiring diagram is a blueprint of the wiring system of your guitar. It shows the locations of each component, the wiring used to connect them, and the functions of each one. It also shows the color codes for the wires and other information. The wiring diagram is an important part of understanding how your guitar works.

Understanding the Diagram

The first step in understanding the wiring diagram is to understand the symbols and labels used. Each symbol represents a type of component and is accompanied by a label that explains its function. For example, a resistor is represented by a squiggly line, and its label will tell you its resistance. Once you can identify the symbols and labels, you can begin to interpret the diagram and make sense of how the components are connected.

Common Wiring Colors

The wiring colors used in the Mustang diagram are fairly standard. Red is usually hot, while black is usually ground. Orange is usually in-phase, while white is usually out-of-phase. Other colors may be used to denote other types of wiring. It is important to familiarize yourself with the wiring colors so you can easily identify the components and their connections.

Making Connections

Once you understand the diagram, you can begin to make connections between the components. Many of the connections will be made with solder, while others can be made with crimp connectors. It is important to use the correct type of connector for each connection. You should also take care to make sure the connections are secure and won’t come loose in the future.


Interpreting the Fender Mustang wiring diagram is essential for customizing your guitar. By understanding the symbols and labels, you can learn how the components are connected and make the necessary connections. Understanding the wiring colors is also important for making sure you use the correct connectors and make secure connections. With a little knowledge and patience, you’ll be able to understand and use the wiring diagram to customize your Mustang guitar.