Gm Backup Camera Wiring Diagram

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Gm Backup Camera Wiring Diagram templeinspire

Backup cameras have become an increasingly popular convenience feature on vehicles. GM vehicles are no exception and have been offering backup cameras as an option for many years. To use the camera, you need to have the correct wiring diagram for the specific GM vehicle in question. Having the correct wiring diagram can save time and frustration when installing or troubleshooting the camera.

Understanding the Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram for a GM backup camera is fairly simple. It consists of a power wire, ground wire, and video output wire. The power wire is usually red or yellow and connects to the ignition switch or a 12-volt power source. The ground wire is usually black and connects to the frame of the vehicle. The video output wire is usually white and connects to the video input jack on the back of the head unit or display.

Installing the Camera

Once you have the wiring diagram and have the wires connected to the appropriate locations, you can now install the camera. Most GM backup cameras mount to the rear of the vehicle and connect to the wiring harness. The camera is then adjusted to make sure it is pointed in the right direction and the image is properly focused. Once the camera is installed, it should be tested to make sure it is working correctly.


GM backup cameras are a great convenience feature to have on your vehicle. Having the correct wiring diagram is essential for proper installation and operation of the camera. With the correct wiring diagram, the camera can be installed quickly and easily, and you can be on your way to enjoying the convenience of a backup camera.