Understanding Fishman Fluence Wiring Diagrams

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Fishman Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram

Fishman Fluence is a line of active pickups designed to replicate the sound of traditional passive pickups. The wiring diagrams for these active pickups are not easily understood by the average musician. This article will explain the basics of Fishman Fluence wiring diagrams, so that you can make the most of your active pickups.

What is a Fishman Fluence Wiring Diagram?

A Fishman Fluence wiring diagram is a visual representation of the connections between the components of a Fishman Fluence pickup. It is used to show how each component in the pickup is connected to the other components. The diagrams are often labeled with letters, numbers, and symbols to help you understand the wiring. Fishman Fluence wiring diagrams are typically found in the installation instructions that come with the pickups.

How to Read a Fishman Fluence Wiring Diagram

To read a Fishman Fluence wiring diagram, start by reading the legend. This is typically located in the upper right-hand corner of the diagram. The legend will tell you what each symbol, line, and color on the diagram means. Once you understand the legend, you can begin to trace the path of each wire. The diagrams are usually organized in a grid pattern, with each component in the pickup being represented by a box. Trace the lines from each box to the other boxes to determine how the components are connected.

Understanding the Components of a Fishman Fluence Pickup

The components of a Fishman Fluence pickup include the magnet, the coils, the pickups, the pots, and the switch. The magnet is the core of the pickup and helps to create the sound. The coils are the wires that wrap around the magnet and create the electrical signal. The pickups are the pieces that attach to the strings and capture the sound. The pots are the knobs that control the output of the pickup. The switch is what allows you to switch between different pickup settings.


Understanding Fishman Fluence wiring diagrams is essential for making the most of your active pickups. By learning how to read the diagrams and understanding the components of a Fishman Fluence pickup, you can get the perfect sound for your instrument. With a little bit of time and effort, you can make your active pickups sound like they were made for you.