Understanding Oil Furnace Wiring Diagrams

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Beckett Oil Furnace Wiring Diagram Free Wiring Diagram

Wiring a furnace correctly is essential to ensuring that it runs safely and efficiently. If you’re considering replacing or installing an oil furnace, the wiring diagram should be one of the first things you review. A wiring diagram is a schematic that outlines the connections between all the components of the furnace, including the switches, transformers, and wiring. Understanding how to read and interpret a wiring diagram can help you troubleshoot a malfunctioning furnace or install a brand new one.

What Does A Typical Oil Furnace Wiring Diagram Include?

A wiring diagram consists of several elements, each of which provide the necessary information for connecting the furnace to the power source. These elements typically include:

Circuit Breakers:

Circuit breakers provide protection for the furnace and its components. They are usually located near the main power source and should be labeled according to the type of power they provide.


The transformer is the component that converts the incoming power source from AC to DC. It should also be labeled according to the type of power it provides.


The thermostat is the component that senses the temperature in the home and turns the furnace on and off accordingly.


Switches control the flow of electricity to the furnace and its components. They should be labeled according to the type of power they provide.

How To Read An Oil Furnace Wiring Diagram

Once you understand the elements of the oil furnace wiring diagram, you can begin to read it. Start by tracing the flow of electricity from the power source to the furnace. Pay close attention to the circuit breakers, transformers, thermostats, and switches. Make sure that the connections are correct and that all the components are connected in the correct order. If you are having trouble understanding the diagram, you can use a color-coded wiring diagram to make it easier to read. This type of diagram uses different colors to represent each type of wire and connection.


Understanding oil furnace wiring diagrams is essential for anyone considering replacing or installing a new furnace. By learning how to read and interpret the diagram, you can ensure that your furnace is connected correctly and runs safely and efficiently.