Installing Led Lights: Step-By-Step Wiring Diagram

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Wiring Diagram For Led Tube Lights Cadician's Blog

Lighting is an important part of any home’s design and the latest LED lights are the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way to illuminate your space. Knowing how to wire LED lights can seem daunting, but with the right wiring diagram and a few helpful tips, you can soon be enjoying the benefits of bright, modern lighting in your home.

Gathering Supplies

Before setting out to install LED lights, be sure to have the right supplies. You’ll need a wire stripper, a power drill, a power source, LED bulbs, and a wiring diagram. Depending on the particular LED bulbs, you may also need additional fittings to ensure the bulbs fit in the fixtures you’re using.

Reviewing the Wiring Diagram

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to review the wiring diagram for your LED lights. This diagram will provide you with the information you need to correctly wire your LED lights. It’s important to take your time and make sure you understand the diagram before beginning your installation.

Installing the Wiring

Once you have a clear understanding of the wiring diagram, it’s time to install the wiring. Start by drilling holes in the wall or ceiling where you plan to install your LED lights. After drilling the holes, run the wiring from your power source to the lights. Make sure the wiring is secure and follow the wiring diagram to connect the bulbs to the power source.

Finishing Up

Once the wiring is complete, you can begin installing your LED bulbs. Make sure the bulbs are securely installed and the connections are secure. Finally, turn on the power source and your LED lights should be ready to go.


Installing LED lights may seem intimidating, but with the right wiring diagram and supplies, you can easily set up your own LED lighting system. When installing LED lights, be sure to follow safety precautions and read the wiring diagrams carefully. With a few basic tools and a little patience, you’ll soon be enjoying the energy-efficient and cost-effective benefits of LED lighting in your home.